Luc The Light

Luca Carrà

My name is Luca Carrà, I was born in 1973, and I grew up with the desire to always experiment and learn new things.
An engineer by profession, I love to see things in different lights.

Thanks to a photography course, received as a gift from my wife in 2011, I was able to deepen my passion for creative photography and approach the LIGHT PAINTING technique; the long exposure (B pose), combined with digital photography, that allows me to take shots that can last from a few seconds to several minutes, creating unique images.

A bit of Lightpainting history:
The technique of Light Painting, more specifically “Drawing of light”, dates back to 1889, when Étienne-Jules Marey and Georges Demeny created the first light painting.

This fascinating and experimental technique was also an attraction for Maestro Pablo Picasso who, in 1949 influenced by Gjon Mili American photographer, introduced him to the Light Painting technique after he was fascinated by his photographs of ice skaters where Mili connected lights to the skaters iceskates.

Picasso immediately began taking the first images in the air with a small flashlight in a dark room. Among this series of photos, the most famously is known as "Picasso draws a Centaur".

Over the years between 1970 and late 1980 Eric Staller used this technique to create numerous photographic projects called "Light Drawings".

In 1977 Dean Chamberlain gave a twist to "light painting" (using portable lights to selectively illuminate and / or color parts of the subject or scene) with his image, he was the first artist to dedicate all his work to form these paintings with light, combined with photographic shooting.

This fascinating, bizarre, and in its own way, mysterious technique, allows me to express my artistic sense in digital photography, creating these surreal settings and shots with the help of LED lights, torches, fire and self-built tools.

The union with imagination and creativity allowed me to create unique works, unrepeatable, and above all, not manipulated by photo retouching techniques.

Thanks to the combination of engineering studies and curiosity, I have tried to experiment with new techniques, deepening innovative aspects and solutions in the reproduction of unique light effects.

I owe this to Maestro Alberto Terrile, the openness to photographic art in its entirety, and the drive towards deepening my knowledge of the world of Light Painting.

   Workshop - Iola 2013

Light as an element, light as an artistic expression.

I am not a photographer, I am a light experimenter.

      Exibitions & Contests      
- Winner in the Plastic Gardens - Baltimore edition of Genoa 2013 edition

- Winner for Fairytale Shots 2015 of the Andersen Prize of Sestri Levante, with the reinterpretation of the tale of "Tom Thumb".

- Finalist in the 2016 Scatti da Favola edition of the Andersen Prize of Sestri Levante, with the reinterpretation of the tale of "Princess on the Pea".

- With the Ligustica Academy of Fine Arts in Genoa on the occasion of the Rai Radio2 event - M’illumino di meno 2014 and with Luce at dawn held in December 2015.

- Development and presentation of the "Live Real Time Light Painting" at the Festival of the Science of Genoa “SEGNI” 2016 edition with the collaboration of
Angela Di Tomaso and Liliana Iadeluca professor of Lighting
at the Academy of Genoa and Brera - Milan

- On the occasion of the DADA Night of the Ligustica Academy, the Portraits of Light and other Wonders project.

- "Kinetic Light" project was born in collaboration with QuartoArte where LightPainting meets the Art Therapy of hospital patients
psychiatric hospital of Genoa Quarto, January 2017
- International Light Painting ROME Meet-UP - March 2017 organized by


- May 2019 - Participation in the Design Week of organized by
DiDe Genova with the exhibition of 2 luminous design prototypes LUMINOUS CIRCOMVOLUTION (KIMUSHI)

The "L'altra Luce" project is in the developmental and expansion phase, which is looking to start the creation of luminous works in the historic center of Genoa as part of a recovery and enhancement project included in a broader photographic journey that sees Genoa at the center of a story, luminous, that portrays it and tells of its most intimate neighborhoods and areas.
  Luc The Light
       Genova - Italy