Photo by Iphone8


In the laws of the universe, it’s written that nothing can travel at a faster speed than light.
Then, in 1905, Albert Einstein formulated an equation that revealed that the FREQUENCY of radiation and its ENERGY travel parallel to each other. In fact, the energy is directly proportional to the frequency of the radiation.

Colors have MOVEMENT and TEMPERATURE that establish their fundamental properties. They subdivide into hot, cold, and neutral depending on the different sensations they transmit, and to the imaginations and situations that our brains recall, display the centers to be orange-yellow in warm colors and blue in the cold colors.

Every color operates in a selective way, developing its own function at an individual and collective level, including having its own intelligence and polarity. Knowing these characteristics allows us to build a bridge between the physical world and a symbolic one.

This is the effect of their perception in these series of shots: when we travel by train and spectate a moving landscape, or even walk down the street, the whole world revolves around us.

  Luc The Light
       Genova - Italy