The memory of our lives; fragments and unforgettable moments that we voluntarily want to remember or forget. Sensations that we live and relive by observing them in images that contain the moments in which we have breathed; light captured from our eyes and fixed moments that touch our hearts to stay with us forever. Everything is recorded, and everything is memorized, our tireless mind takes in the sounds, images, and sensations filed for the rest of our lives. Memories are our history, they are part of us, and they are us.

The Sky Above Us
The feeling that the vision of the sky creates generates in us a mixture of feelings of admiration, and at the same time, anguish when we confront our human limitation with its infinite mystery.
(Romano Battaglia)

Shadows and Lights Ligurian Sea - 2017

Lighting on Tigullio Gulf - 2015

Lighting from my place - 2018

MilkyWay & Fishing Lights - 2019

St’ Jaques Fabio & the Stars - 2018

Milkyway above me - 2019

Nature & Landscapes
Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.(Edgar Degas)

Landscape Contest Winner
The Tuscany Oak - 2016

Seyshelles - 2014

My place view

Monte San’Angelo  - 2016

Frog Lake Valle D’Ayas - 2017

Dubai - 2015

Dubai - 2015

  Luc The Light
       Genova - Italy